Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break & I am a new Design Team Member for Picture Perfect Creations!!

Good weekend to you all!!  I have not been in my craft space much of the week... with very good reason!!  The kids have been on Spring Break, have watched a few movies, played a few games, nursed terrible colds, celebrated a few birthdays, kids have started soccer, Hubby and I actually had a date night and we all had a small family bike ride today!!  My good bloggy friend, Michele from Michele Hearts Paper would highly approve of this blog post.  She is an AVID bike rider!!  Go check her out as well... she does wonderful Cards!!  (Hi Michele!  :-)  )

I also get to announce to all of you that I was just chosen as one of the new Design Team Members for PPC - Picture Perfect Creations challenge blog.  I am very excited and can't wait to share my creations.  So much inspiration to check out and get your creative juices flowing.  Their challenges start every Monday!  Would love for you to stop by and play along!!

Since I don't have a crafty project to share with you tonight, I'll share some fun pictures from a few days this week that simply make me smile and remind myself of WHY I scrapbook as much as I can and WHY life is pretty darn WONDERFUL! Enjoy!!

Ahhh... kiddos are growing up.

My son and I.  A little cloudy and chilly... but we didn't care.  Yes we need to invest in some helmets (us adults)... but I was going sooo slow that my bike came out of gear.  Pretty non-strenuous!!

And again!  All smiles!

 Hubbs and Son.  :-)

Daughter, Hubbs and Son

Daughter WAY up there. 

And finally... Thank you and WELCOME to all of my new followers over the last few weeks.  It's fun to receive fun comments and meet new friends.  I think I have stopped by most of you... but if I have missed you somehow... please let me know so I can come say hello!


Anonymous said...


MeLoveBono said...

Hey sweet one...thank you so much for the message...and most of all, thank you for being my first ever follower! I know! can you believe it?!?!? I have to hold my heart when I sign into my blog anymore! LOL Really...not kidding here! LOL -- Oh its so much fun. I just think it was your great vibe that got the ball rolling ;)

Everyone said...look at this gal from fishmemories.. savvy, so sweet...we should follow this blog too!
(and did I mention before your family is just gorgeous!) those babies of yours are
totaly p-r-e-c-i-o-u-s!... they grow up so so fast ... too fast for me. You know...every year I would say "gosh...this was a great year mothering" as my son grew up...he turned 28 April 8th ... and I still say that "it was a great year being his mommy" -- but...I surely do miss those few years we have .. where "mom" is their world. You know what I mean? The times when YOU are the 1st person they would pick to play with or hang out with. Now the good news is...grandchildren! LOL
Now my grandson is 4 and he is still in that "I would pick you" time. (ahhhh - sigh)
Last night we watched Alpha & Omega together ... and he said "Maw maw...we have the same taste in movies don't we?!" as he laid on our little blow up mattress I pull out for his & my "movie night dates" ...
And actually that movie was pretty good. I am about tuckered out on Thomas the Train ;) And my first movie pick was Tangled! LOL But I couldn't convince him it was a movie about a prince and not the long haired princess! LOL (See there he goes...growing up on me) ;)
thanks again so much Michele...see ya soon!

Staying Crafty said...

Congrats!!!! Your family photos are adorable :)

Kristie said...

Congratulations on making the PCC DT!!! Great pics!