Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Some Fun Winning News & Future Challenge Blog...

Just some random things that I want to acknowledge with all of you today!!  :-) 

Today is my Hubby's Birthday!!  I don't have a card to share with you.. .because I didn't make one.  Isn't that terrible??  Part of his gift is something handmade... so that will make up for it.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY "B" !!!!  It's just another Candle on the Cake! 

The 2nd thing... after just an "OK" day for me yesterday... I was paroozing the blogosphere and saw that I WON this!!!  I entered my "Infinity" layout over at Frosted Designs - Sketch 23 and I ended up winning this fabulous scrapbook Kit.  I will be making some layouts with all of this soon to share.  You can visit Frosted Designs by clicking on the above link or I have added their badge to my right side-bar.

Leanne with Artful Delight has set up a monthly scrapbook or card making kit for YOU to purchase if you should so desire.  It looks like ALOT of fun goodies.  Go check them out!!  You can buy month to month of sign up for 3 or 6 month subscriptions for a tad lower of a price. 

And the 3rd thing to share with you... My friend Michele K. from Michele Hearts Paper has been diligently working on a new Challenge Blog.  She asked me to partake with her.  How could I refuse??  Stay tuned... the kinks are being working on and she/us will be puting out a call for a Design Team.  In the mean time... check out Michele's blog... she is a fabulous card crafter!  

Have a wonderful day... and thanks for stopping by!! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby!!!!! And yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for winning Artful Delight's kit!! You are going to loveeeeeeeeeeee it! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Ashley said...

Fun that our husband's b-days are the same. Send me a link to your challenge blog when you get a chance.

The Bookin Room said...

I just checked out Michele's blog! She has fabulous work!! And you soooo have to let me know when the try-outs for her DT will be cause I'm totally gonna go for it! TFS
xoxo Charity

The Bookin Room said...

Oh yeah! And congrats on winning!! It's like xmas when you win something when it comes in the mail!!

Michele K. said...

Congrats on winning! Loot is awesome! :)

I can't believe that you didn't make a card for your hubby! Think of all those times he patiently waited for you to finish something and all those cards and scrap pages he's had to see... sheesh, you only give him a shout out on your blog. Whatever! You need to get your booty into your craft area and make him a belated birthday card. Cuz I said so!!! LOL