Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey Bloggy Buddies!! ... need a Voting favor for a friend!! (Please)

Friday Mashup

Vote For your Favorite Theme for a challenge!!!

My bloggy buddy and fellow DT sister,  Michele, from Michele Hearts Paper submitted a theme idea for the Friday Mashup Blog and MADE THE TOP 4 with her idea!!

Now there is a voting poll in the top right corner of the The Friday Mashup Blog with hers being the

The Roses and Circles

It's pretty cute what her idea is... it would be called "Ring around the Rosie" and you would create a project with just roses or just circles or MASH it UP and create a roses with circles creation.

Would be so kind to take a minute and hop on over and cast your vote for the above theme??  
Voting closes tomorrow at 12 noon EST

Thanks all!!!!

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