Saturday, January 1, 2011

Easy/Quick solution to all those Christmas photo cards

Happy 2011 everyone!! 
We receive numerous Christmas Cards with photos of our friends and family each year.  I hate to throw them away, or shove them in the back of my address book or attempt to find 15 magnets for the fridge.  About 4 years ago I decided to start cropping them as small as I could and make a 12 x 12 layout of them in a collage form.  Not only does it hang on the side of our fridge with just one magnet, but it is also a great way to finish off that last page of your family/friends scrapbook for that particular year.  Sort of works as my "Label" for my scrapbook. 
This took me all of 20 minutes to complete.  Easy Peasy!!
Enjoy.  Looking forward to chatting with you in the new year!!
I ended making 2 of these. 


Mariam said...

this is an AWESOME idea!!!!!!! LOVE IT! said...

This is great and look at how many you get? I only got 3 this year (why am I complaining, I didn't send any :()-- Now I am motivated to send more so I can get more in return -enough to create my two-pagers I prefer! Thanks!!!

Jenny said...

Great idea- I just did this with all of mine. I was collecting them in a binder but I think I'll keep these sheets instead! Very cool!