Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wallace Falls Hike

So I have had many intentions of getting some crafty things done this week... but with the end of the school year, working a few days and just the generalities of daily life... I have not had the down time for some happy creating... so I thought I'd share one of our first Family Hikes this past weekend... without baby packs, "Are we there yets?", and realizing our children are indeed growing up.  We hiked for 4 hours... a total of 3.8 miles on an incline.  The reward was wonderful... and I am so thankful that our kids enjoy one of our other "Happy" activities... HIKING.  :-)  Enjoy!

Ready, set, here we go!

Stopping at the first sight of the river.

Our kiddos were such troopers.  These small inclines with the "Cliff edge" to the right made me a little nervous... so I just grabbed my camera and tried to ignore it.

I love my kids!

Loved the wooden bridges over the raging bottom of the Falls. 

We hiked to the "Lower" Falls... will go for "Upper" Falls in a few years.  Many switchbacks etc...

Another one of the wonderful bridges down below.  Love our hiking trails!!

On our way back to the Trail Head.  The kids clearly not wanting to deal with the camera anymore.  LOL.

Thanks for checking out our adventure!!

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Jenny said...

Very cool! That looks like a great place to go hiking!